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Distribution Services delivers Wirral Council's 'Core' Post, Scanning and Courier Services and in addition offers Cash Collection for Schools, Scanning Solutions and a Bulk Mailing Solution responsive to client needs.

Cash Collection Service: a secure, compliant and responsive service, specifically designed with Schools in mind. A brokered service is available via a 3rd party Cash Collection provider offering a recognised link with the Council’s accounting service and the banking industry. Services and charges are designed around unique requirements of school operations ensuring that contracts are only established around Term Times with varying levels of insurance to allow small amounts of cash to be removed from school premises at an appropriate cost.

Scanning Solutions: a secure, compliant and responsive service to support your school administrative functions A secure service is offered for the collection, scanning and destruction (or return) of relevant documents as well as providing an encrypted memory/USB stick for future use included in the package.

Mailing Solutions: a responsive and cost effective service enabling preparation and distribution of large mail projects A proven service is offered for the collection inserting and subsequent distribution of large volumes of mail items taking advantage of machinery, technology and bulk discounts.

Included in the service

Cash Collection
  • The service includes the contract management and liaison on behalf of the Authority and the School
  • Scheduled weekly cash collection from school to authority bank account and non-authority bank account during school term time
  • An additional option of an adhoc non-scheduled cash collection from school to authority bank account
  • Dedicated on-line customer service e-form sent directly to provider and Distribution Services as a communication tool
  • Advice to Headteachers, Business Managers and staff will be available on receipt of a telephone call
  • Payment and credit of relevant and associated invoices
Scanning Solutions
  • Collection of documents from site
  • Documents prepped and scanned
  • Confidential destruction or return of original documents
  • Encrypted USB data stick provided to access scanned documents
Mailing Solutions
  • Letters/documents collected from your site
  • Letters/documents machined into C5/A5 envelopes
  • Letters/documents posted out or returned to site for distribution to clients
  • Additional Freepost envelopes used if required with unique reference on ensuring return of post to correct location

Benefits to your school

Cash Collection
  • SIA registered couriers
  • Cost effective cash collection service based on economy of scale
  • Access to on line form for ease of contacting external company and Distribution Services
  • Easy to order additional stationery
  • Support telephone access
  • A service to match school working hours and enable schools to comply with relevant insurance requirements
Scanning Solutions
  • Time and space saving
  • Password protected USB data stick
  • Information security approved
  • Easy and effective retrieval
Mailing Solutions
  • Time saving (3,500 single page letters machined an hour)
  • Appropriate envelopes save money
  • Clean Mail method used - cheapest way of posting
  • Generic return address used on envelopes
  • Link to Printing Services if required

Quality Assurance

We will monitor, on a termly basis, the standards set down in the SLA. Any feedback from service users will also be taken into account.


Call Joanne Horne on 606 2396 or email distributionservices@wirral.gov.uk