Independent School Appeals Clerking (Admission and Exclusions)

Independent School Appeals Clerking

To comply with statutory guidance, admission authorities must appoint a clerk to an appeal panel who is independent of the school and the education functions of the local authority. The clerk must have knowledge of the school admission appeals code, the school admissions code, the statutory guidance on exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England and other law relating to admissions as well as offering advice to enable the panel to undertake its judicial function.

Included in the service

  • Appoint trained panel members to the legal standard with, regard to the admissions and appeals codes, plus the appropriate legislation, human rights, disability discrimination and equality and diversity
  • Arrange for appeal agendas to be distributed to panel members and the school
  • Notify all parents/carers throughout the appeal within the legal timescales
  • Arrange a suitable, accessible venue (as per code)
  • Provide suitably trained clerks to record the proceedings and decisions at appeal hearings and provide procedural advice
  • Produce and distribute all decisions paperwork to schools, parent/carers and admissions teams
  • Update information and provide training as required by local or national changes to the admissions and admission appeals codes; e.g school exclusion code which has been updated as of September 2017
  • Deal with queries or complaints from parent/carers
  • Deal with other queries or complaints about the appeals process (Councillors, MPs)
  • Process payment of travel costs for panel members
  • Arrange for a translator if required (at an additional cost). Deal with any complaints made to the local government ombudsman or in the case of academies, the Education Skills Funding Agency

Benefits to your school

  • Our fully trained and experienced clerks offer a specialist service and can carry out all administrative and advisory functions in relation to appeals on behalf of the school governors for school admission appeals for Wirral schools and academies
  • We also offer this specialist service for any exclusion referred to the independent review panel for schools and academies in Wirral and Cheshire
  • Access to high quality staff that have considerable knowledge and expertise relating to all aspects of current admissions and appeals legislation, guidance, compliance and processing

Quality Assurance

We will continue to work with schools to monitor the satisfaction level of this service and identify any improvements.

  • An experienced HR professional to undertake investigations on behalf of the school, including interviewing witnesses, preparing an investigation report and presenting the ER case at any resultant hearing
  • Undertake job evaluation to establish pay and grading for newly created school support staff posts
  • Mediation and conciliation to assist in the quick resolution of workplace disputes between employees by an ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) trained mediator
  • Advice and guidance on workforce planning, talent management and succession planning
  • Access to a wide range of high quality e-learning and development programmes delivered via PC, laptop, tablet and or smart phone, at a time and location to suit your staff, in or out of the school day
  • Design and deliver face-to-face training for staff, school leaders and governing bodies on key HR issues e.g safeguarding allegations, application of sickness absence policy and stress management
  • Annual HR health audit

Quality Assurance

We will continue to work with schools to monitor the satisfaction level of this service and identify any improvements.


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