Occupational Health

Occupational Health

The function of this service is to support school Governing Bodies/ Headteachers with occupational health advice and guidance to assist the school with all aspects of employee health and wellbeing.

The service provides access to qualified, experienced and specialist Occupational Health Practitioners that are familiar with seeing school employees and understand the particular requirements and the unique environment of a school setting. It provides written health advice and support information in response to referral requests and Headteachers or their representative can also request a pre/post appointment telephone discussion with the OH practitioner.

These services have been market tested and are quality assured to ensure they present excellent value for money and include access for each staff member to an Employee Assistance Programme. Access to an online OH system provides enhanced accessibility to referrals and reports.

Included in the service

  • Access to an online referral system and the Council’s recently awarded (November 2017) and market tested, OH Service with access to an OH Advisor/ Nurse, Wellbeing Manager & OH Physician
  • Access to Mental Health Wellbeing Triage for staff with mental health issues affecting them at work
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Programme offering 24/7 confidential advice and telephone or face-to-face counselling and online/telephone support services
  • Physiotherapy and counselling services
  • Management of all employee confidential OH Clinical Records

Benefits to your school

  • Provides a convenient online service including pre-employment medical screening to medical/health advice for attendance and fitness for work issues
  • Ill health retirement assessments and deferred pension reviews
  • Wellbeing support including mental health/wellbeing triage, with mental health support such as counselling and CBT
  • Physiotherapist service for assessment and treatment to aid recovery
  • Confidential advice and support for employees including counselling and CBT sessions (via the EAP)
  • Free access to online health information
  • Help with organising a wellbeing event in conjunction with the OH provider

Further Information

This service can offer additional benefits when working in conjunction with other Council services such as Health, Safety and Resilience and Human Resources, for example an ER issue around stress at work or a workplace assessment following advice from the OH professional. The Occupational Health professionals are experienced with and understand the requirements for ill health retirement medical capability requests.

The service also provides long-term storage of confidential employee occupational health clinical records in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and provides access to employees to those records in line with the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

Access via the online OH information system provides greater control and referral accessibility to schools and reduces the waiting time for health reports. The booking of appointments will also be easier and reports will be available to download or view online.

Our OH suppliers also provide support to school staff wellbeing events. Further information/costs available on request.

This service also provides access to the councils recently market tested (2016) corporate eye care scheme which is provided for users of display screen equipment (voucher charge applies and includes DSE lenses).

The council also offers winter flu vaccinations for school staff not eligible for free vaccinations via the NHS (small voucher charge applies).

Quality Assurance

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