Our Vision, missions and values

Our Vision

Our Vision

  • To be seen as the expert in its field supplying best value school support services.
  • To set and exceed recognised standards for quality, knowledge application, innovation and for traded school services.

Our Mission

  • To anticipate and exceed customer expectations.
  • To provide a range of development services to schools to help them succeed.
  • To develop a long-term not-for-profit sustainable business.
  • To develop and encourage staff to take increasing responsibility within the organisation.
  • Encourage our staff to develop themselves through training and self-development activities.
  • To make a positive contribution to the economic and social development of the region in which the business operates and pupil outcomes.

Our Values

  • Provide the best possible advice to clients to support their development and decision making, at all times.
  • Protect the interests of the client at all times.
  • To ensure staff and stakeholders will uphold and follow the standards expected of their professional institutions.
  • Encourage staff to take responsibility within clearly defined areas of authority.
  • To promote social inclusion and environmental awareness.